Am Guten Hirten, Aachen

Type: Gesamte Apartment
Preis €1495
Verfügbar 05-12-2023
Adresse Am Guten Hirten
Wohnungseigentum 6 m²
Postleitzahl 52072
Stadt Aachen

Studio Apartment - Sonder Your new home is located in the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. However, Aachen is not only known for its great location, which allows you to enjoy a city trip in another country within a very short time. The student city captivates with its charm and its historical buildings, such as the famous Aachen Cathedral, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to the high number of students, you certainly won't get bored here! The apartment is located right next to RWTH Aachen (largest technical university in Germany) and the beautiful Lousberg. Within 10...

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Am Guten Hirten